Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I finally broke down

...and tried on traditional Korean 한복 (hanbok), the Korean equivalent of a kimono, at a recently SMOE teacher's training workshop. I have since avoided doing this because I think
a) hanboks are generally really ugly
b) you usually have to pay to do this
c) after putting on the hanbok, ten thousand pictures will be taken of you by friends/random Korean passerby. Yuck.
a) my friend Shelby dressed up in man clothes like she was my husband
b) it was free
c) this hanbok was pretty, and I got to wear this awesome hat that Korean kisaeng (geishas) usually get to wear. Witness:


  1. Why are hanboks ugly??? Certainly the easy made ones for costume wear aren't the same as the traditional ones, which are quite lovely and usually have a lot of symbolism.

  2. Some are nicely done, but a lot of the time the cut (especially with the out-of-control empire waist) is not flattering. On anybody.

    As a piece of craftsmanship, they're quite nice to look at. But you'll never find one in my closet.

  3. um hanbok is not ugly, it's just your perspective. It's disrespectful when you refer to a country's traditional clothes as another country's "Kimono" and say it's ugly and still try wearing it. Try to refer it to Korean traditional clothes or dress... it's a better term..

  4. That's one on my list. I also want to wear that traditional Korean dress.