Friday, October 14, 2011

K-Pop That I Actually Enjoy Listening To

Most of the music videos that I post on this blog I don't I like K-Pop, but I find most of it to be completely manufactured in the same way that American pop music is--fun to dance to and catchy, yes, but not particularly substantial or thought provoking. And, having seen more than a few K-Pop concerts at this point, I can safely say that the performers generally look as manufactured as they sound. Korean pop stars are typically owned by HUGE entertainment companies that begin rigorously altering the physical appearance of their talent via massive amounts of plastic surgery "training" most of their performers while they are still in their teens, emphasizing dancing and looks over vocal/musical ability. So. Consequently, most of the music produced in Korean is pretty disposable.


Recently, there has been a glut of music on the airwaves here that I actually like.

These two guys graduated from Yonsei University and are smart. The lyrics of this song are really simple--The chorus meaning "I like Americanos"--but if you look up the English translation, you will see that there are some clever turns of phrases going on, some of which are pretty naughty for Korean music^^ This song is really popular amongst my kids, even though it is totally stripped down and really the antithesis of other K-Pop songs...

I've posted a few videos from Leessang before. I really like their videos...I think they are very creative. I love his raspy voice! But maybe the most interesting thing about this song is that the lyrics are RACY. Really racy for Korea!

These guys are sort of K-Popy in that all of my high school girls are obsessed with them. But. The difference is, these guys actually preform with instruments and write all of their music. They are super cute and talented. NOT FAIR.

[무한도전 서해안 가요제]3.GG-바람났어 from C.K on Vimeo
Finally, we come to the last video, which is decidedly the most K-Popy, as it features G-Dragon of Big Bang and Park Bom from 2ne1--both ridiculously huge, popular groups. And it is definitely a party song without much substance...but I still think it sounds really different than anything else I've heard on the radio here. And. I really respect G-Dragon (who writes all of his own music/styles all of the members of Big Band) and Park Bom (who is actually a really good performer live + my girls all look up to her 'cause she's not super stick thin like most women in K-Pop).


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  1. I like your taste in music. Some songs are overrated nowadays.