Tuesday, October 18, 2011

9th HiSeoul 10K

The weekend before last, I ran my first ever 10K. Though I've always been a very active person (I go crazy if I don't work out at least three times a week), I had never run a race before and figured a 10K would be a good place to start.

The race started at 7 am, which is a normal weekday time/definitely not a normal weekend time >< I got on the subway at 6:30 or so and sat next to people who reeked of alcohol, clearly on their way home after a night of imbibing ;)

City Hall Square was RAMMED with people. The marathoners/half marathoners/Serious People were easy to pick out--clad in nylon and slathering their fat-free bodies wth Icy Hot, they were incredibly intimidating. Thankfully, they were mixed in with a fair amount of Clueless Folk--people wearing denim shorts and Converse, which made me feel a bit better about myself.

Before the race started, four sexy ladies got up on stage in front of the crowd to lead everyone in some group stretching to blaring K-Pop music. Nothing is more entertaining than watching middle-aged Korean people bop around at 7:30 in the morning, and thankfully, I was able to snap some pictures on my iPod:

I tried to start at the back of the pack to give myself the opportunity to destroy the hopes/dreams/aspirations of everyone I passed MUAHAHAHA a bit of a self-esteem boost. The first 5K flew by...the course was really beautiful, starting in the heart of Seoul's downtown business district and looping along the Han River. It was really awesome to run in downtown Seoul along roads that are normally packed bumper-to-bumper with cars:

I think I went out too fast for the first part of the race because towards the end DAMN did things get hard. Maybe it was because the last part of the race had several hills. Still, I never stopped running, and finished the race with a time of 57 minutes WOOOOOO! A little less than ten minutes a mile :)

The race ended in Seoul Forest--a park near my house, which was very convenient. I got a bag full of swag at the end which included:
  1. a can of spicy flavored chicken
  2. chopsticks with which to eat said chicken
  3. a big honey-bun looking processed bread thing
  4. a finisher's medal
  5. orange juice
  6. raisins 
  7. mysterious nutritional chews
It was really fun and I hope I can keep motivated to run more races/maybe a half marathon/someday, a full marathon ;)  

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  1. Next year I wish to join that festivity. Hopefully, I could.