Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ttukseom Picnic Palooza

So if you may recall last April my friends and I had an Easter picnic in the park near my house. It's been awhile since I've hung out with a lot of my friends together/I wanted to do something cheap with everyone before it gets bone-chillingly cold here. So. I invited a bunch of people out this past Sunday again to the park near my house.

I was shocked and flattered that nearly thirty people came out! We drank, ate food, and made merry until the sun went down. I got to see a bunch of people I had seen in months and my friends Mina and Bo Seul took some really great pictures:
Katherine + Ginny, Sandy, and Mina Teachers (I hadn't seen Mina in well over a year--she just got back from working in Japan)

My friend Marcin from Poland, who just got back on Tuesday. Hadn't seen him for over a year either! 

My awesome friend Faith from Colorado, who came out all the way from Incheon to hang out
Faith's equally awesome boyfriend Ty, who looks particularly like a CU Boulder professor here 

The group by day. Notice me in on my cell in the background, completely oblivious

Group by dusk

Linda, an exchange student from my high school (she's 18!) whom I treat more like my little sister. She's so pretty! And super mature for her age.
Sam, Narae, Maggie, Young Hoon gettin' cute

I did some hardcore sitting 

A beautiful day with perfect weather, a ton of food, and a lot of great friends reminding me, once again, why I am here for a third year :)

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  1. Gld to see you're having fun and still comfortable with your decision to go another year, Mad. Even tho we miss you!! Looking forward to Dec. Love, M&D