Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mika in Seoul!

This past Tuesday, I got to see one of my favorite pop stars, Mika, preform at the Olympic Sports Complex here in Seoul. 

If you have never heard a Mika song before WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU YOUR LIFE IS SO SAD. Educate yourself:

Mika has a new album coming out in a few months. The new lead single is out already and it is AWESOME: 

The show was really special. Mika is known to really love Korea and has played here a few times before--he spoke to the crowd several times in Korean and went on and on and on about how Korea is his favorite place in Asia. He said that Seoul is the only Asian city where he agreed to tour this year, and that every time he plays in Korea he is shocked by how everyone knows his English lyrics and sings along really loudly. He also said that every time he plays Seoul, he loses his voice because he wants to put on a good show for Korean fans. SO CUTE WHY IS HE GAY


Here is video of "Happy Ending," one of the best songs of the night:

My other favorite was "Elle me dit," during which I danced/jumped around in six inch heels. Which I absolutely did not regret at all the next day:

For as much as Mika loves Korea though, Koreans love him right back. ALL of my co-teachers at work know him, even the really old ones, and all of my Korean friends were jealous that I had gotten tickets. The audience was ENTIRELY Korean (I saw no other foreign people there). The fans in the front were especially enthusiastic--during "Rain," they threw billowing rolls of toilet paper into the air, while for "We Are Golden" they threw gold confetti^^ It was so much fun!  

He played a few "secret" songs from the new album, during which a beefy Korean security guard waddled up and wagged his fat index finger at my phone, on which I was trying to record video. Whoops >< 

It was an awesome show and a great mid-week distraction! I LOVE MIKA

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