Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Korean babies might be the cutest

This is Hyun Su, my three year old going on four year old Korean friend.
She sits in my lap, asks me why I have a snake on my wrist every single time I see her, and pulls my arm hair and asks me why it's there. I am the first foreign person she has ever met.

Her English is REALLY good, way beyond the levels of most of my high school students (even though, to be fair, she can't read yet). Mom is trying to get her to be a fluent Chinese, English, and Korean speaker, so Hyun Su spends a lot more time with foreigners than your average Korean child :) It is amazing--every single time I see her, she can say something new or has learned a new expression. It makes me a little bit jealous--she is able to learn so much faster and easier than anyone else I know, myself included.  She is always laughing and after I see her, I feel happy for no real reason for hours afterwards. Whenever I leave her house to go home, she walks me to the subway with her mom and holds my hand the whole way. Sometimes she cries and begs me not to go once we get to the station, which so so so adorable IT MAKES MY HEART FEEL LIKE IT'S EXPLODING FOR A BIT CUTE OVERLOAD.

Sometimes I am surprised by how much I miss teaching elementary students. But then again, my high schoolers are potty trained.

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