Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Things, 2011

Things That Are Happening to Me Which Are Preventing Me From Updating this Blog:

1) A trip to Thailand with

2) My boyfriend, who is

3) Moving to Saudi Arabia in 1.5 weeks--consequently, trying to spend as much time with him as possible

4) A new smart phone which keeps me offline a lot more

5) My very very very first LEASE on an apartment in Seoul (!) which I will be moving into on Saturday EGAD

6)Work starting again (today)

7) Renewing my visa for another year

8) Planning my trips to
a) Osaka/Kyoto in September

9) A rather regular schedule of tutoring WHICH I DO FOR FREE OBVIOUSLY WINK WINK

10)A fabulously full social life full of glamorous parties, shopping, and expensive meals

So...why not change the look of this blog?

And promise to update more frequently in the next coming weeks?

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