Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodbye David Teacher

As you can tell from all of these pictures, I really really really can't stand this guy and am definitely glad he is gone now^^ He is the reason this blog hasn't been updated in weeks. BLAME HIM.

I met David at SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) orientation training for new foreign English teachers back in September. Honestly, I thought David was annoying as balls initially. He went around the room at the end of orientation with a notebook and insisted on getting everyone's e-mail addresses in a annoyingly bullshity "let's be weird foreigner friends" way I couldn't stand. I reluctantly gave him my e-mail and remember being fairly annoyed by his facebook friend request a few days later, which I grudgingly accepted.

Fortunately enough, I bumped into David again at a co-teaching workshop about a month later and we realized we live in the same 'hood. I found him to be much less annoying and remember he had a lot of really great ideas re: teaching. We met up for lunch a few days after, during which I infamously spilled a cup full of miso soup all over my lap/crotch. I remember talking/arguing a bit about the merits of East Asian culture (which I defended) versus European (David is half German and a fervent lover of all things from the EU) in between lots of requisite bullshitting about our public school teaching jobs. We became friends, and slowly, our weird expat social circles began to overlap. I got close with his friends and he got close with a few of mine, and we started hanging out more. It wasn't until April that we finally "got together".

These past few months have been so happy. Even though we are different--David is obsessed with cars/computers/planning/hygiene/Western culture, whereas my interests veer more towards music/books/spazzing/spilling miso all over myself/the developing world--we have a mutual love of teaching, traveling, cooking/baking, and meeting people. David knows a lot of shit about everything--for instance, how to convert an external hard drive's formatting/how to make a delicious German sponge cake/how to make high schoolers sing in front of you without being completely embarrassed. It is really nice to have someone like that around.

I will miss him so much--he was offered a job in March to teach English in Saudi Arabia, and choose to move on to a far better paying opportunity. Meanwhile, I am preparing to start my third (and I have decided, last) year in Korea, during which I plan to take some standardized tests (the GRE and the PRAXIS), study Korean, hone my teachin' skillz at my job, and travel a ton before moving on to other things.

The world is small what with Skype and facebook making everything easier. I hope/know David and I will be in touch a lot over the course of the next year. But. Saying goodbye is hard...this one was the hardest. I just don't know how much longer I can keep on doing this...and three is a prime number :)

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