Monday, July 4, 2011

K-Pop Sounds of the Summer

K-Pop time! Here are some summer jamz.

Invariably, if I ask my girl classes what music video they want to hear during the last few minutes of class, they will request this one. I kind of am on the fence about Beast, and I certainly like this hilariously Konglishly song of theirs a lot better than "Fiction". But the shuffle dance breakdown at the chorus is cute, and all of my kids try really hard to mimic it in the hallways, which is adorable.

This one ROCKS. I love 2ne1, and I think it is so awesome to see a Korean girl group with women that are a lot more empowered than the ones in Secret, Girls's Generation, and Kara. Out of all of the K-Pop groups on the market, I think 2ne1 has the best chance of succeeding in the American market. That guy from the Black Eyed Peas agrees with me.

This one is from 2 PM, whom seem to be trying really hard to do their best Big Bang impression here, and it feels really fake to me. THESE CLOWNS WILL NEVER BE AS COOL AS GD/T.O.P., try as they might with their party/club themed music video and the random hot foreign girls.

I like f(x), even though I just read the English translation of this song and they might be the dumbest lyrics of all time. "Let’s show the sweating foreigners here/If it’s too hot, wear something black and long". THIS MAKES NO SENSE

Finally, we have one of my favorite girl groups, After School. Even though they look like your stereotypical K-Pop girl group, their songs are good and I think there are some genuinely good singers in this one. Plus, the lyrics of their songs are usually pretty interesting. Plus, tap dancing!

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