Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just drowning is all

It has been raining a shitload here this past week. Seriously, the rain is literally killing people:

Going outside is like riding that ride at the water park (the big intertubey one) that dumps buckets of water on you--the only difference is that at the water park, if you want to, you can choose not to get soaked to your underpants and walk around soaking wet all day long here.

I doubt these people will be laughing after three hours of wet underwear riding up their bums

Unfortunately, us Seoulites don't have that luxury. I have taken to wearing cheap ass flip flops everywhere--I might look trashy, but who gives a shit when after five minutes outside, I am soaked up to my thighs. My bag invariably gets wet, turning any paper things (receipts especially) inside of it into mush. The mush adheres to my phone, my wallet, and anything else that hasn't melted into paper goo. BASICALLY MY LIFE SUCKS AND I AM WORRIED ABOUT GETTING A YEAST INFECTION FROM WALKING AROUND CONSTANTLY SOAKING WET, FEEL SORRY FOR ME

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