Wednesday, July 6, 2011

장마 (Jangma) RAIN DIASTER

It is the rainy season here in Korea, which means it rains all day, every day, for approximately three weeks.

Though I don't really mind the rain--I have some awesome 10,000 won rainboots I purchased on GMarket, as well as several umbrellas--a disgusting, horrifying thing has recently started happening in my apartment and I am extremely grossed out and GAHIDON'TKNOWHOWTOHANDLETHISSHIT:

Yes, that is MOLD blossoming through my wallpaper. SO GROSS!

I don't know how to handle this situation! How does one stop mold from taking over their apartment????


  1. In this situation you cannot stop it from growing since the spores are in the drywall. However you can rub off the sprouts (what you see) with a towel soaked in bleach water. This will help stop the growth. I have a similar issue near my door. But this won't stop it from growing. I would make sure the roof isn't leaking. But this looks like moisture getting the best of your wall.

  2. Yeah, you want to nuke that sucker with Cl of some kind or other. I would ask your manager? or whatever you have at a public school? to send a repair guy, because clearly there is some kind of maintenance issue such that moisture is getting INTO the wall.

  3. i got a 300,000 won super awesome dehumidifier from this electronics store similar to best buy. DEFINITELY helped keep the air dry. even though it made the room super hot it was totally worth it not to be super hot and sticky in my house. now that it is cooling off i dont run it as much but i ALWAYS run it during/after a shower. i heard there are these things similar to damprid in daiso that help absorb moisture from the air.