Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Funny Thing That Happened to Me at Work: I think you should...

A couple of weeks ago, I did a writing lesson on giving advice with my students.

I gave them a bunch of different problems beginning with "I wish I..." and had them give me advice using the "I think you should..." sentences.

Here are some of the more funny answers:

The kid who wrote this one is almost fluent, and corrects my spelling and stuff in class and everything ><

Girls at my school are ALWAYS getting in trouble for wearing way too much makeup, which is completely against dress code

"I wish I was happy," was the prompt for this one.

"I wish I could change the world." Looks exactly like Obama, no?

"I wish I could change the world." I guess if meeting Obama doesn't help you change the world, meeting God might...

Stick men are called 전라 (Jeolla) men in Korean


I have no idea what this means but I didn't ask

Looking will make everything better!

Critical/creative thinking ;)

Every other paper mentioned plastic surgery, which kills me ><

More critical thinking^^

Prompt: "I wish I was thinner"



Love the pictures!

Different problem, same solution ;)

Prompt: "I wish I could change the world." Love the African baby in the background...

Overall, ridiculously cute/clever/adorable!

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