Wednesday, May 11, 2011

영덕대게 (Yeongdeok Dae Gae): KING CRAB

As much as I love my girlfriends here in Korea, lately, it seems like I have been spending A LOT of time lately going out on a seemingly never ending series of "girls nights". Subsequently, I was delighted when my my guy friends Anthony and Brendan invited me along to go with them to Yeongdeok this past weekend--I jumped at the chance to drink a lot of 막거리 (makgeoli, Korean rice wine), eat prolific amounts of food, and basically, do nothing but shoot the shit and chat up with my guy friends + a few badass chicks, too.

Yeongdeok is about fours hours away from Seoul, on Korea's picturesque east coast. See for yourself:

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The attendees:
Brendan--Glen Beck fanatic, crazy Catholic, ex-coworker
Anthony aka 상민 aka King of Minlak-dong, my old 'hood
Steve aka 성진 aka Ghana Steve--he volunteered in Ghana for a year so we always have lots to talk about
Gwen--South African goddess who is one of the sweetest people ever from my old 'hood
Jodie--soccer playing crazy (in a good way) woman, also from my old 'hood
Bradley--bombastic, ADD Canadian
Sean--Bradley's mild-mannered buddy
Silvia--Se Rok's friendly Canadian friend
Sarah aka Se Rok--Brendan's psychotic Korean ex-girlfriend

Steve + "The Angels": Silvia, Gwen, and Jodie

Despite some drama from the afore mentioned ex-girlfriend, the weekend was filled with food, food, and some more food, and was therefore GREAT.

The pension that we stayed at was on a beautiful beachside location:

Brenda, King of the Yeondeok Rock

First, we went to a nearby windmill power plant to check out some starkly beautiful pylons.

Anthony suggested we should make a "double windmill" parody of this video


Then, we went to a fish market to buy some cheapcheapcheap 회 (hway), or Korean sashimi:

There were scores of 아주마(ajuma, or "older lady" in Korean) squatting around live, wriggling fish in buckets. We picket the ones we wanted, and within minutes, our gal had killed and filleted our choices into several pounds worth of sashimi thin slices, ready to eat

We didn't eat any of these guys

Nor did we get any oysters, though we probably should have

It's like Hemingway BUT IN KOREA

After buying the fish, we drove for a half hour up the coast to this random house in the middle of nowhere--a top secret location Anthony made us promise to keep under wraps. It was a house, kindofsortof built into the cliffs, like a Korean Santorini or something:

There was an old woman living in this house, selling king crabs for a fraction of what the fisherman down at the port were selling them for. We bought 200,000 worth of crabs: 10,000 per person! A huge bargain, in other words:

We went back to the pension and feasted on the raw fish and the crabs, which the owner of our pension prepared for us:

Crabs + makgeoli +deliciosity

In Korea, the ubiquitous Korean kitchen scissors are used to cut open shells

Steve and Anthony were experts at dissecting the crabs of course, and insisted thatI save the "crab butter" inside the crab's body (seen above), and mix it with rice and dried seaweed--the Korean way. It was, of course, ridiculously tasty. I stuffed my face.

After a full meal, we rolled out of the pension to check out a nearby lighthouse by night:

Then we headed back to the pension for ANOTHER gut-busting meal, followed by fireworks/fire:

Queen Jodie

Bradley + Brendan + fire

We woke up early the next day and went home. One the way out, I snapped a few pics of the lighthouse we had seen the night before:

Overall, a fantastic weekend that was all too short, spent with great people AND GREAT FOOD NOM NOM NOM


  1. I find this crab over rated. Korean crabs are always leggy and small bodied compared to the monster bodied and short legged crabs we have in the UK. British squid however, are pathetic!

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