Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sometimes, my bike is better than people

My pen pal Willie once told me in a letter that he never felt more happy than when he was riding his bike to the point of exhaustion.

I never really understood what he meant until I moved to where I live now along the Han River, within a five minute ride of miles and miles of riverside biking trails. I bought a used bike on Craigslist last fall, and ever since, I have tried to go down to the river at least once a week and cycle for at least an hour or so.

Now I know what kind of happiness Willie was talking about-- bliss that comes from just pedaling and pedaling for hours, your thighs full of lactic acid from cycling. Your legs get SO HEAVY and you know you should stop and take a break, but you just CAN'T STOP. You have to keep going. I love my bike here SO much, and I know now when I go back to the States I'm just going to HAVE to live in a bike-friendly city^^

May has been a beautiful month for biking. Last weekend I went with my friends/some of my North Korean students/a bunch of other tutors to ride bikes along the river. The weather was a little muggy but good for biking--it was a blast and my mad biking skillz were totally one-uped by all of the North Korean kids, who were constantly zooming ahead of all of the foreigners.

If you live in Seoul, you can rent bikes from the stand near exit 2 at Ttukseom Resort Station(뚝섬유원지역)along the dark green line, line number 7. The bikes they have to rent are really nice-they have tandem, road, and mountain bikes--and it only costs a few thousand won to rent a bike for an hour (about $2 or so). DO IT

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