Thursday, May 5, 2011

K-Pop for Spring

These are songs that I seem to be hearing on a continual loop at the gym lately.

If you like super cutesey Korean girls saying "Oppa!" (오빠--the Korean word used by girls for older brothers/boyfriends) and making endlessly annoying faces (aegyo--애교, or "affected cuteness") than this is your Spring Anthem! Watch on repeat.

If five super cute Korean girls aren't hot enough for you, than maybe the seven sexy sirens of Rainbow are more to your liking! This song is slightly more tolerable than Girl's Day I think. Plus there's hair tossing/better dancing/a pseudo-plotline involving spies.

This video has been banned from major media outlets in Korea, specifically for the "spread legs dance" at around the 2:22 mark. SOOOOOOOO racy, no? I like the song because the lyrics are pretty easy to understand--The Grand Narrative actually has a more in depth translation/analysis here.

Finally, we come to my FAVORITE song of the moment--Big Bang's "Tonight". As much as I love T.O.P.--so HOOOOOTTTTT--I also can't help but hear echoes of this song (the chorus in particular, around the 1:23 mark especially) every time I hear it. WAY TO BE ORIGINAL BIG BANG

Finally, we come to the song of the moment--Big Bang's "Love Song". I really hate G-Dragon's whinny "I hate this love song" chorus and the U2(GAG)esqueness of the guitars, but at least T.O.P.'s deep ass voice sounds awesome and the video looks good.

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  1. Do you have any recommendations for good hagwons to teach at in South Korea?