Thursday, April 7, 2011


A lot of people here in Seoul are very concerned about radiation from the horriblehorriblehorrible Fukushima earthquake/tsunami blowing toward Japan. A bunch of Korean schools actually closed today because of a rumored "radioactive raincloud" said to be hovering over Seoul today.

However, I took comfort in this graphic from The Huffington Post, which visualizes the actual risk of radiation exposure. To quote the story:
"Radiation is everywhere. It is a form of energy. Radiation is produced when the nucleus of an atom is broken apart. Huge amounts of energy are stored in the nucleus. When it splits (called fission) it produces heat and radiation. Nuclear power plants use the heat to turn water into steam and produce electricity. The radiation, and any radioactive materials generated are considered to be waste products. More than four-fifths of the radiation we receive comes from natural sources."

Phew! Nice to know I probably won't wake up tomorrow with a third eyeball or something^^

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