Friday, April 1, 2011

Korean Culinary Caraousal: 금귤 (Gum Guel), Korean Kumquats

I have a really strange, unexplainable love of the rinds/peels of citrus fruits. I am rather infamous for eating slices of lemon served to me in drinks whole, and then plucking the fruit from the glasses of my friends and scarfing those up too. This is acceptable, I suppose. What is not acceptable in peeling an orange and eating the fruit, only to absentmindedly nibble away at the peel that remains until you've consumed all of the refuse >< I just love the texture, and the cottony feel the peel gives the inside of your mouth, and the way your tongue goes all numb from all of the orange/lemon oil.

Yes, I am weird.

Anywho, I have recently rediscovered kumquats at my local grocery store and having been buying them by the boatload. You just pop them into your mouth, peel and all, which I LOVE:

So delicious. Korean kumquats come from Jeju Island, of course, and are far, far better/sweeter than any kumquat I've had at home.

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