Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Korean Culinary Caraousal: Swiss Food in Korea

Yesterday was Tuesday March 3rd--Korean Independence Day. I had the day off of work, so I met up with some girlfriends, and we celebrated Korea's historical uprising against the Japanese imperialists by eating...Swiss food. CULTURAL RELEVANCY FAIL

Anyways, we went to Little Swiss, a restaurant near Hyewha station that I've had my eye on for awhile. I love this neighborhood of Seoul--it is called Daehagno by all of my Korean friends, and is full of awesome bars, restaurants, jazz cafes, and theaters which show dozen of plays (none of which I could probably understand since most of them are in Korean. But maybe someday I'll get there^^)

Anyways, it was HELLA EXPENSIVE. We stuck to just cheese fondue and basil pesto pasta (no drinks, coffee, or wine), and still ended up paying 17,000 won per person!

The cheese fondue was delicious, but really more of an appetizer--totally not enough for three people. The pesto was good but not great, and we also polished it off in a matter of minutes between the three of us.


NOM NOM NOM. Leah goes for it

Sexy skewer pose?

The family sitting next to us ordered a spread that included fondue fondue, complete with shrimp, chicken, and pork to boil up. They also ordered Swiss raclette that was served all meltymeltymelty on a griddle, authentic Swiss style. We all drooled and collectively wished we had more money, as the whole shebang this family was tucking into must have cost well over 150,000 won :(

We left, stomachs still rumbling, and filled our bellies with crepes from Marion Crepes, a Japanese chain that specializes in rolling up cheesecake, ice cream, fruit, and other delicious things into delicious, thin pancakes:

You can get savory or sweet. I went for peanut butter and chocolate, NATCH. Diana got Blueberry Surprise (with cheesecake, blueberries, and vanilla ice cream), while Leah got Banana Chocolate Surprise (cheesecake, bananas, chocolate goo, and vanilla ice cream).

The crepes are rolled up in paper like an ice cream cone, making them relatively easy to stuff in your face :)

It was a delicious ending to a rather sucky lunch. SERVES US RIGHT FOR TRYING TO EAT SWISS FOOD ON KOREAN INDEPENDENCE DAY, I suppose :(

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