Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gwangyang Times

I am back at school after a loooooonnnnnnggggggg winter vacation.

Last Wednesday was my first day back, and was also the day the very first issue of "The Gwangyang Times" was published--the school's very first printing of its English-language newspaper.

It's in color! And looks super-duper professional!

I helped a few newspaper club members edit the paper way back in February, but I complete forgot that the newspaper was going to be published. I was genuinely surprised by how awesome all of the paper's articles were, and generally how good the English was in all of the interviews and reports.

Some highlights:

  • In an interview with the school's new principal, the principal gives students advice: "Gwangyang students, I know many of you live in bad environments. But each of you should make an effort to improve your grades and make a fine character. For that, you should study for yourselves and 'request' many things of your teachers. You have to obey the school laws. Lastly, please always remember that it is very important to love our school as its owners."

  • From the sports page, a story about Paul the Octopus: "Whenever Paul predicted the wins of Germany, Germans cheered and were happy! However, Paul got on the German's nerves because he predicted final match between Germany and Spain. In the aquarium, Paul fixed onto the Spanish box. So many Germans wanted Paul's prediction to be wrong just this once. But, it was not wrong! It was 100 percent right! So, some Germans claimed that Paul should be killed. Spaniards praised Paul though."

  • Another sports story about the swimming pool at the Asian Games: "Pool water at the Asian Games was much cleaner than you would think...the water quality is cleaner than waterworks for family use. So you could eat instant noodles with pool water! Really, Lee Dong-Un, general executive of Korea Swimming Federation, said that the pool staff ate instant noodles with pool water sometimes."

  • One Asian Games story: "Many Taiwanese started to hate Korea because of the disqualification of Yang Shu Chun, a Taiwanese Taekwando player. So, some of them shot videos of people hammering a Samsung LCD monitor, and uploaded the video onto YouTube.

    Although the Samsung LCD monitor was scratched, it never got broken. So, about this, many foreign netizens reproached the Taiwanese saying that the "Taiwanese advertised Korean product ultimately" and "I'm buying a Samsung monitor!"

  • In a story about a recent bought of "suicide, hit-and-run, violence, fraud and dodging of military service ect." in the Korean entertainment world: "Through these accidents, we can learn that it's very important for entertainer's to have 'responsibility'. Being an entertainer is a popular job because they attract attention and earn a lot of money within a short time. but some entertainers have forgotten their responsibility and attracted their high revenue and popularity. Entertainers must keep in mind that public hopes good news, not bad news.

  • I am included in the group photo on the last page, hilariously enough:

    Can you see me in the right-hand corner^^?

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