Sunday, March 20, 2011

Funny Thing That Happened to Me at Work: Dirty Jobs

One really awesome thing about my job is the amount of freedom I have in regards to lesson planning. Although I have a textbook with specific pages I am expected to cover, there are absolutely no official "standards" I am expected to meet.

When I was a student teacher in Oklahoma, every time I planned I lesson I was expected to consider the Oklahoma State PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills) standards. Here's a fun excerpt:
Oral Language/Listening and Speaking - The student will demonstrate thinking skills in listening and speaking.
Formulate thoughtful judgment about oral communication. Deliver focused and coherent presentations that convey clear and distinct perspectives and solid reasoning. Deliver polished formal and extemporaneous presentations that combine the traditional speech strategies of narration, exposition, persuasion, and description. Use gestures, tone, and vocabulary appropriate to the audience and purpose. Use the same Standard English conventions for oral speech that are used in writing.
Standard 1: Listening - The student will listen for information and for pleasure.
1. Focus attention on the speaker’s message.
2. Use knowledge of language and develop vocabulary to accurately interpret the speaker’s message.
3. Listen and respond appropriately to presentations and performances of peers or published works such as original essays or narratives, interpretations of poetry, and individual or group performances.
4. Monitor speaker’s message and clarity and understanding to formulate and provide effective verbal and nonverbal feedback.
5. Use feedback to evaluate own effectiveness and set goals for future presentations.

Needless to say, it was pretty miserable pouring over endlessly glib PASS pedagogy-speak week after week, trying to get a plan to fit to very specific standards. I really relish being able to do whatever I want in class now, and find I am a much more effective teacher because of the freedom I have.

This week, the only guideline I had to go off of was the extremely broad topic of "jobs". I decided to use an idea I found on the terrific web forum watching clips of the TV show "Dirty Jobs," after which the students would think of a dirty job for me to do in groups of two.

We watched several videos from the show, including this one:

And then I had the students work in groups of two to come up with a job name, location, and three things I should be good at doing to be good at the job. Here are some of the more hilarious responses:

Job name: Cow farmer
Job location: farm
Madeline should be good at
1) health
2) perseverance
3) dung

Job name: Ostrich farmer
Job location:Ostrich farm
Madeline should be good at
1) use power well
2) run fast
3) like ostrich

Job name: Trash man
Job location: Dump
Madeline should be good at
1) strong
2) separate collection
3) love trash

Job name: Janitor
Job location: I can't explain because it's so large location!
Madeline should be good at
1) cleaning trash
2) waking up early
3) diligent

Job name: Skeleton cleaner
Job location:skeleton factory
Madeline should be good at
1) likes insect
2) the spleen and the stomach is very strong
3) loves skeleton

Job name: Killer
Job location: Everywhere
Madeline should be good at
1) shooting
2) cutting
3) exercise

Job name: Dead body manager
Job location: America
Madeline should be good at
1) get money
2) work in a quiet place
3) communicate dead people

Job name: Window cleaner
Job location: Samsung building
Madeline should be good at
1) no high scare
2) strong arms
3) washing skill

Job name: Musician (performer) with wild animals
Job location: Thailand
Madeline should be good at
1) bending her body
2) playing with wild animals
3) controlling the wild animals

Job name: Plumber
Job location: Underground
Madeline should be good at
1) enduring terrible smells
2) fixing well
3) good view even in the dark

I was a pretty fun lesson, and I think the kids really liked it^^

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  1. I shared this with my boy just now. It made his day. ^^