Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funny Thing that Happened to Me At Work: Tteok (떡) Explosion!

Public school teachers are a pretty big deal in Korea. They are highly respected (Thanks, Confucius), paid a pretty decent salary, and can look forward to a big, fat pension once they retire. So different from the shit teachers deal with back home! I've been following the whole issue of teacher's unionizing in Wisconsin, of course, and am horrified by the rhetoric that is being using about teacher's/teacher's salaries. The way America treats it's educators is truly is a national embarrassment, parodied excellently by Samantha Bee/The Daily Show here:

Anyways, rant over. The new school year just started, and I have been getting SHOWERED with gifts. Just this past week I got
1)THREE huge blocks of tteok (떡), which are DELISH

2)An expensive Hanrabong (한라봉) orange, which is only grown on Korea's Jeju Island,
3)A Vitamin C energy drink
4)Tons of ho do kwa ja (호도과자)--delicious bread that is baked with a whole walnut + sweet red bean paste inside:

It's pretty great being a teacher here sometimes^^

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