Tuesday, February 8, 2011

K-Pop Video Explosion of Non-Political Correctness

I feel like I've been seeing a lot of unusually provocative K-Pop videos lately. MUSIC TIME

My friend Breda over at Annyeong! recently wrote about the terribly non-PC video for Tara's "Yayaya":

Though I would hardly call this "provocative" music--in fact, I think this song is insanely annoying and stupid--it is always amusing to watch Koreans get away with blatant disregard for sensitivity towards Native American culture. Also love how the fat guy at the end of this video gets NO love from the ladies. Guess Indians only go for super cute dudes, even if they are a tribe of sexed-crazed exiles on a deserted island...

Speaking of fat...I saw this video at the gym and immeadiately ran home and Googled these ladies:

You have no idea how refreshing it is to see a Korean pop group make a statement like this. In a country where one in five women is undernourished from dieting and most Korean pop stars are extremely (read: almost 20 pounds) underweight, it is wonderful to see women who are comfortable with the size and shape that they are on Korean MTV.

Finally, a story. For the longest time last semester, a puzzling phenomenon was occurring in my all-boy classes (yes: though I teach at a co-ed school, classes are segregated by gender). A lot of boys were coming up to me and saying "Hello!" (normal), followed by "Do you know me?" (definitely not typical Konglish taught in schools/hagwons). I could not for the life of me figure this out, until I saw this gem a couple of weeks ago:

"Do you know me?" AKA THE HOTEST PICKUP LINE EVER. Guaranteed to get any foreign woman to flash you her slutty Latin thigh tattoo. Though I haven't bothered reading through the English subtitles for the lyrics to this one, the title--시끄러, or "si-kku-ro"--translates to "shut up!" It is really rude and is therefore constantly used by my students. I can't help but wonder--whom is telling whom to shut up here--the Korean guy, or the foreign girl? Hmm...

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