Sunday, February 27, 2011

고양이 여자 (Goyangi yoja--Cat woman)

Last year I blogged about the cat cafe I went to with my dear friend Alex in Seoul.

This past Thursday, my friend Roxy and I randomly decided to check out a similar place located not too far from where Alex and I went last year.

This guy tried to crawl into my bag and leave with me. Sooooooooooo cute:

I really miss my cats at home a lot! Sometimes I think about maybe adopting one here, but then I remember how irresponsible and flaky I am...


  1. Maybe when we're roomies we can get a pet and combine forces to care for it responsibly! ^^

  2. cats! yess!

    i think you should adopt!

    besides, precedence has been set, hasn't it? -- if you find pet-parenting too overwhelming, you can just plead irresponsibility and selfishness, and return the pet ... right? ^~