Monday, January 31, 2011

Korean Culinary Carousal: The Flying Pan Blue

When I was going to school at the University of Tulsa, I always looked forward to brunch in the school cafeteria on Sunday morning. My friends and I would roll out of bed in our PJs--the first person up would rally everyone out of bed, as brunch stopped being served at 2 or so and GOD FORBID you sleep through it.

Often bleary eyed from drinking/cavorting/"studying" late into the night before, we would shuffle down to the cafeteria in slippers for Belgian waffles/biscuits and gravy/stories of misadventure and the misdeeds from the night before. It was the perfect way to end the weekend/catch up with friends, and even though the food was kind of shitty, I honestly missed TU's meal plan--at least the socialization it provided--once I became a junior and wasn't required to purchase a meal plan to live on campus.

With these fond memories in mind, I decided to invite a bunch of friends out for brunch at The Flying Pan Blue in Itaewon (the foreign neighborhood here in Seoul) for my 24th birthday. Though I love Korean food, most of my Sunday "brunches" here are some kind of Korean soup/BBQ/rice, and I wanted to try someplace really special to CELEBRATE 24 YEARS ON THIS EARTH WOOOO


Located right to the left of exit two right next to My Thai, I've long heard that the brunches at The Flying Pan were the best in the city. Though the dishes were a bit on the pricey side (averaging about 15,000 won a plate or so), the food was by far the best Western style food I've had since I've been in Korea. I had the Eggs Avocado--two slices of whole wheat, homemade toast topped with two perfectly poached eggs, slices of avocado and pesto. A grilled tomato, a tiny blob of dressed potatoes, and a mountain of balsamic vinegar-topped Swiss chard and spinach was served on the side. I devoured everything and had trouble stopping myself from licking the plate clean once I was finished^^ NOM NOM NOM.

There were so many other delicious savory options, including the savory pancakes, salmon eggs benedict, and a whole array of delicious sounding salads, soups, and sandwiches. I was reminded of two of my favorite restaurants from home: Poor Richard's and Adam's Mountain Cafe.

The sweet menu options were also extensive and sounded positively pornographic. I think three of the ten people in our party ordered the banana chocolate pancakes--I tried a bite of someones and THE EARTH SHOOK IT WAS SO DELICIOUS.

The restaurant is tiny, but we all able to sit around a big communal table in the middle. I am lucky to have a lot of interesting friends who all got along quite well with one another, which was nice. My friend Roxy bought me the most adorable stainless steel mug to take to work, while my friend Erin bought me an awesome sweatshirt with an eagle on it that I am never taking off~~ And, my friend Leah made me a strawberry cake with vanilla icing! IT WAS SO GOOD.

In conclusion, I will definitely be going back soon to this place and recommend anyone dwelling in Seoul go there, as well! Brunchy brunch brunch

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