Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Funny Thing that Happened to Me at Work: Darde Disco

I am still in the middle of Winter Camp and I am loving it. It is so awesome to have maybe eight or nine students come in regularly, as I get to talk to the students individually and get to know them a bit--something I really miss about teaching at the hagwon I worked at last year.

There are three girls who have been coming in--Da Hin, Saeng Hee, and the ringleader, Mee Hee, and they are absolutely hilarious. We were talking about movie genres the other day--I asked them what their favorite genre of movie was, and Mee Hee said "Romantic movies."

"Oh, you mean romantic comedies," I responded.
"No, not comedies, teacher," she insisted. "Error movies."
I looked at my co-teacher, puzzled, who rolled her eyes. "She means 'erotic' movies. Like, pornography," said Sujung, completely deadpan.

Which I responded to with a loud "OH REALLY!?" and a waggle of my eyebrows. Because when faced with awkwardness in the classroom, I choose to respond like a 14 year old boy. TEACHING FAIL.

I then was goaded into explaining what "X-Rated" movies are by my co-teacher, who I am beginning to realize is just as inappropriately friendly with her students as I am. Class ended with Sujung showing them one of her favorite Bollywood dance scenes from an Indian movie she likes:

Which made me burst into uncontrollable laughter. So basically, my students think I am the coolest ever and Sujung Teacher and I spend our winter vacations obsessing over Indian erotica


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  2. Haha, way to be annoying Waygook! So wait, are the blonde girls and the afro girls the same people?