Monday, January 10, 2011

Funny Thing That Happened to Me at Work: Winter Camp

Subtitle: Why My Winter Camp is the SHIT and Yours Isn't As Good

I am on vacation right now, which might have you non-Korean dwellers scratching your heads. Unlike in the U.S, where teachers/students get a massive summer vacation, here in Korea public school ends on December 24th. Although I don't "officially" go back to work until February 8th, I am required to be at school to teach a supplementary "Winter Camp" for students who are interested in extra English classes for three weeks of my "vacation". So from January 10th (today) until January 28th, I will teach everyday from 11:30 to 1 pm. I have planned and organized EVERY SINGLE activity we will be doing, and I am seriously pumped about some of the stuff I'm doing with these kids! I love lesson planning too much, I think.

Since most of the students at camp are boys, I'm showing the uber masculine brotastic "Rudy". FOOOOOOOTTTTTBAALLLLLLLLLLL.

I thought they might be a bit bored by it, but the plot is really easy for them to follow, and with English subtitles most of them can tell what's happening. Also, there was fight scene today that got them all in a tizzy because the words "shit," "ass," and "pussy" were included. AND I THOUGHT IT WAS RATED PG

Tomorrow we are watching this episode of MTV's Cribs:

And we're going to design our own dream Cribs with drafting paper and everything...

Since the theme of the camp is "video/film" we're also going to watch a game show, commercials, a cooking show (we're going to make sandwiches on that day WOO HOO), sports shows, news programs, and weather reports. During the last week, I'm going to have them write the script for their own "show", which we will write, film, and produce. Then we'll plan a premier party and watch the movie on the last day! WOO HOO.

It actual feels really good to be back at work, after suffering from a serious case of post-vacation blues this past weekend. Nothing clears up winter SAD quite like watching a bunch of Korean kids giggle at T-Pain^^

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