Friday, January 28, 2011

Adorable/Funny Thing that Happened to Me At Work: Upside Down

Even if I were to have the shittiest birthday ever on Sunday, today would cancel out any future horribleness.

Today was the last day of Winter Camp. My students worked on drawings to illustrate an "animated" video for the A*Teens song "Upside Down" (their song choice, obviously) at the beginning of this week. Yes, the A*Teens--the fake ABBA group that was all over the Disney Channel when I was 13 or so. Somehow, they are still freakishly popular here...even the boys in my class knew the lyrics to this song. Kids these days, they got no taste ><

If you want to see some cute illustrations while listening to the most annoying song ever, you can download our camp "music video" (read: glorified PowerPoint) here.

Today we had a big premiere party of the final cut, complete with music, pizza, cheesecake, heaps of snacks, and homemade 떡볶이 straight from the kitchen of my student Da Hin's mother^^

Two of my students also gave me the sweetest birthday gifts EVER. My favorite student, Mee He, nearly brought me to tears with this letter:

She told me that she wrote EIGHT drafts of this letter in an attempt to get it perfect. She was so proud! It was just completely, overwhelmingly cute. She also gave me this pencil case:

I have become kind of infamous at school for my double thumbs up gesture which I can't stop doing constantly. I laughed, and she said in perfect English, "Because you always encourage me so much". While making a thumbs-up, of course! I've taught her well^^

My student Da Hin--who is so ridiculously smart and talented (all of the best drawings in the PowerPoint are hers)--made me the most beautiful birthday card I have ever received:

The inside was just as adorable:

Camp concluded with me taking about six billion cell phone pictures with Da Hin, Na Hye, Me Hee, and Hyn Jin, my favorite group of girls, while Sujung Teacher played this video in the background and giggled about how inappropriate it was:

"But I don't think the students can understand the it's ok," she said, in the typically deadpan tone of hers that I have grown to love over the past month or so^^

I've had such an amazing past few weeks at has really reminded me how much I love working with high school-aged kids, especially Korean girls, who I think I relate to too well sometimes. I really do love my job here, and now that I am officially at the six-month point into my contract, I am realizing how difficult it it is going to be to leave Gwangyang if I choose not to renew my contract in August...

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