Sunday, December 5, 2010

We at the hotel/motel/Holiday Inn

This past weekend (with some help from my friends of course), I threw an epic holiday party at the Hyundai Residence Hotel in central Seoul.

During my senior year of college, my three roommates and I threw parties pretty much every weekend at our huge on-campus apartment. We would go all out with music, snacks, one of our most memorable events, we had every guest take a picture with an empty photo frame:

Yours truly

Diane, Mel, Jenna...I miss you ladies!

Suzanne, my besty Jordan the Manwhore, and Maris

I've really missed entertaining here in Korea--most Koreans don't host get-togethers of any kind at their homes (save for family meals), so I was especially jazzed about hosting a Western style get together, where my foreign friends could get a taste of home-cooked holiday food, and my Korean friends could try turkey for the first time^^

We ordered two pre-cooked hot turkeys--which are especially hard to come by here in Korea--from sfood, a Korean catering company specializing in American style meals. The turkeys were 100,000 won each--a bit pricey--but with 20 people chipping in, it was well worth it. The people at sfood spoke perfect English and I was able to order the birds two days in advance.

As THE MANLIEST MAN OF ALL Bradley carved the turkey:

I believe it was BBQ'd

There are two turkeys in this picture, hardy har har

Everyone brought lots of delicious food, including cake, pumpkin pie, bread, mashed potatoes (I MADE THEM), sweet potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, big wheels of brie, stuffing, walnut pie, rice crispy treats, crackers, and 오징어 순대 (oh-jing-ah sun-dae)--squid sausage, served with kimchi, of course^^

Some of us sipped the official Roger's Family Cocktail--the good 'ole gin and tonic--while others had wine, beer, and 백세주 (beksaeju, Korean flower wine) and everyone got tipsy, at which point Leah stole my camera and started taking ridiculous pictures:

There were also some nice pictures of the less hammy guests:

My friend Lina and her co-worker "Jason"


Brendan and Anthony

Irene and Jenny, both looking gorgeous. Both are no longer employed by our old hagwon anymore, which might be the reason for their youthful glow these days^^

It was great to have all of my friends together in one place, and I think everyone had fun. I love playing hostess, and want to do it again in the future sometime~~


  1. this looks like fun! happy belated amurrrican t-giving. we miss you! xo

  2. It was a blast!!! Maddie is a wonderful planner/hostess.

  3. Someone should buy a pair of couples shirts for Brendan and Anthony. You rarely see one without the other. XD ^^

    Looks like it was a blast! I wish I could have been there. :C