Sunday, December 26, 2010

Khristmas in Korea

Things that were wonderful about Christmas 2010:

  • Drinking soju on Christmas Eve with some of my Korean buddies^^

  • Giving out Ghana pies (the most delicious Korean confectionary EVER) to all of the teachers in my office

  • Eating oven-roasted chicken breast, green bean casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, cornbread, ten different kinds of cookies, Betty Crocker brownies, and delicious chocolate cake at my friend Leah's house--she is the best cook Minlak-Dong has ever known

  • Letting my buddies Leah and Ashley get me hooked on MTV's "Teen Mom" at the post-dinner party slumber party at Leah's house

  • Getting all kinds of wonderful gifts from my Mom--flannel sheets, a calendar, gift cards to iTunes and Amazon, and chocolate^^

  • Calling my crazy family on Boxing Day here--Christmas Day in the States--and talking to a bunch of my relatives

  • The gorgeous Akan mask my Aunt Linda sent me all the way from Ghana--LOVE IT

Don't get it twisted--there's nothing quite like a Fun Old Fashioned Family Christmas. But being with good friends can be pretty damn festive, too^^

Merry Christmas, and a Hap hap happy New Year, too!

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