Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just Like a Pill

I am sick. Like, really really sick.

I felt a little bit snuffly/congested after my party on Sunday, and yesterday I definitely felt a little more spacey than usual. But this morning I woke up crying/sweating/with a hacking cough and a head so full of fluid I could barely open my eyes. I got up out of bed kind of fast to go to the bathroom, whereupon my ears started ringing and the floor flew up and hit me in the face, hard. X_X

I was out for maybe a minute, after which I crawled back to bed and texted my co-teacher, telling her I was taking the day off. My first sick day ever in Korea, and hopefully my last...

Luckily enough for me, I live within ten minutes of Konkuk University Medical Center. They have a fantastic International Liaison Center with English-speaking nurses who helped me fill out all of the paperwork, ect.. I saw a pulmonologist who spoke perfect English and was able to diagnose me with acute sinusitis in less than 5 minutes.

He also wrote me a prescription for six (!) different meds. The amount of pills I have to take every day is insane:

All of the instructions are in Korean, too ><

Fortunately, I am already feeling better after taking the first few doses. I'm still running a bit of a fever, but I've downloaded National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Home Alone 2. I went to E-Mart on the way home from the hospital and bought some 호박죽 (ho bak juk, Pumpkin Rice Porridge) and imported Campbell's Chicken Noodle, plus a buttload of oranges and some ginger to make homemade tea. And the best part? I spent less than $25 for my appointment today, a follow-up appointment next week, and basically an entire pharmacy of medication...gotta love socialized medicine^^

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