Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last July, I went to the 63 Building and saw some fantastic photos taken by Korean artists.

This one in particular stuck with me, by Korean artist Miru Kim:

So last month when my friend Hanadi (whom is an English teacher by day and an amazing artist/musician by night) told me that she sometimes works off of other images when she paints, I asked her to use Miru Kim's image to whip me up something pretty. She finished the painting this weekend, and I think it might be better than the original:

If you want Hanadi to paint you something, comment away! I can put you in touch with her, though she is unfortunately leaving me/Seoul for a bit before she'll be back to start a new contract in February T_T I am so lucky to have met this lovely lady--she is full of ideas and great advice...

Recently, I've been more crabby than usual/homesick for a variety of reasons:

  • I'm staring my first family-less Christmas in the face

  • I've been sick

  • I've been desk warming/not feeling terribly productive at work

  • The Korean Trans-Siberian cold is finally here

  • I am poor/have not been saving as much money as I would like to these days

  • There is mold blossoming through the wallpaper in my tiny, tiny, horrible apartment

  • I've found myself spending a lot of time in my tiny, horrible apartment, in between being sick/it being cold outside

Blah blah blah. But. A few weeks back, Hanadi and I were Skype chatting, and after politely listening to me bitch and moan about the above list for more than a little bit, she suggested I get a hobby. So I've started painting a bit on my own, too:

Hahaha, can you tell it's on fancy pants recycled office paper? It's an Adinkra symbol from Ghana that I love: it means "Sankofa," or "Return and get it"--i.e., learn from the past

These are silly, but they hide the mold/are colorful/keep me feeling busy when I get to thinking about home/work/winter...

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  1. Nice paintings--the anchor thing is kind of weird. Hang in there Maddie, spring is on the way! We miss you too, altho Christmas here is going to be a bit of a goat rope--18+ Rogers clan at the house. I think you would enjoy it. But have fun in Japan. We love you!!! D&M