Wednesday, December 15, 2010

G-MARKET from the Gods

This week has been a little bit difficult for me, mentally speaking. It is final exam week at school, meaning I have been "working" from 8 to 11 am everyday--if "working" is what you call planning winter camp lessons/watching "America's Best Dance Crew"/farting around on facebook for 3 hours every morning. I know I shouldn't complain about not working. But. This lack of productivity + dropping temperatures + my recent bought of illness + the encroaching holidays have all combined to make me a tad lonelier than usual T_T I MISS MY FAMILY WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

What better way to cheer myself up than some online retail therapy? It is the hap-hap-happiest season, after all--YEAH CAPITALISM. But where to buy things online in Korea, you might ask? And wouldn't you have to speak/read Korean to do so?

Though I had heard lovely things about G-Market (Korea's equivalent of Amazon, except with clothes + everything you could possibly want), I had never actually ordered anything off of it--that is, until yesterday, when my sweet new winter boots arrived via delivery service right to my apartment door!

Shoe shopping in Korea sucks for me, because I wear the biggest Korean size available to women--250 cms--which are notoriously hard to find. Whenever I go shopping here, all of the shoe seller people always giggle at me when they tell me they don't have 250s. Consequently, I usually end up buying shoes I don't really like (just because they have my size) or spending too much money on a pair of shoes (because they come in my size). It was wonderful to just pick out my size and order the shoes I actually wanted in G-Market--and it was super easy to do so, because G-Market can be set to be entirely in English! WOO HOO!

I paid using my foreign American account, but I had the option of paying with my Korean account, too, which was nice. And the best part? I paid $30 bucks for boots that would have cost me two times as much at a big market like Dongdaemun or the boutiques near Konkuk University. Now I am going to order a toaster, and a coffee maker, and maybe some more shoes, and maybe a sweater GAH SOMEBODY STOP ME NOW

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