Thursday, November 11, 2010

빼빼로 (Peppero Day)

Today is Peppero Day! Peppero is Lotte Confectionery's version of the Japanese snack Pocky, and people buy it en masse in South Korea today because the date (11/11) looks like four tilted Pepperos/Lotte invented the holiday to sell a shit ton of Peppero on this day. Does this mean next year Peppero Day will be extra epic, because it will be 11/11/11? Hmm...


Last year, I got a buttload of Peppero at my hagwon. This year at my public high school, I have yet to receive a single box from a student! I guess Peppero Day is something kids grow out of? Or maybe my public school students don't have money to spend on me? WHAT THE HELL.

Here is an annoyingly cutesy Peppero song from Lotte, if you are interested.


  1. Yeah, public school students don't exhibit teacher love. The only Pepero I received so far today was from the school cafeteria--no joke!

  2. Happy Pepero Day! Sorry you didn't get any- I didn't either lol!


  3. elementary public school kids will give pepero...high school something tells me that has faded out

  4. Pepero...sounds like my kind of holiday!

    Aunt Michelle