Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nails, Nakji, and Noraebangs/Goodbye, Grace

My dear friend Grace/Mijeong has finally left Korea for Australia T_T

Hopefully the water will be a bit warmer for her in Oz than it was in Namhae...

Thankfully, I was able to spend nearly two full days with her before she left this morning--she stayed at my place before getting on the airport shuttle near my house.

As is Grace's style, we ate/drank/caroused a lot during her last two days in Korea. She rolled into town on Monday night. After dropping her luggage at my place, we went and ate BBQ, drank soju (on a Monday UGH WHAT WAS I THINKING), and ate a post-diner snack of 산낙지--infamous in Korea because IT MOVES WHILE YOU EAT IT:

I've been putting off eating this stuff for over a year now (mostly after hearing urban legends about people dying from nakji sucking to their throats on the way down), but in retrospect, I don't really know what the fuss was all about. It didn't taste like anything: rather, it was a complete textural experience--one that I enjoyed, despite the tendency of the little suckers to grip onto the inside of my mouth (before I pulverized them into submission them with my teeth, of course).

After nakji/more soju, we went to a noraebang and sang this song, among others:

On Grace's last day, she took me to her favorite nail shop, where we got matching manicures:

A fittingly wonderful few days spent with one of my favorite people in Korea, whom I know is off to have many excellent adventures/improve her already awesome English^^

As any expat over here will tell you, a lot of English-speaking Korean people want to be your friend just for the free English practice, which can be extremely annoying. Grace never made me feel that way--she worked to integrate me into her life/ introduced me to her friends and family, most of whom spoke absolutely no English whatsoever. For that, I love her~~ I hope someday I can be a friend to a foreign person in America, just like Grace has been for me here in Korea. Grace, 보고싶어요! I miss you!

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