Friday, October 29, 2010

Korean Culinary Carousal: Fall Figs

Awhile back, my friend Breda and I bought these awesome fresh figs from an old lady on the corner near Dondaemun.

Fresh figs are really hard to find back at home, and they are usually really expensive--like, $7 for a small bushel. Here you can buy the same amount for about $4 (5,000 Korean won).

The figs were delicious and juicy and BEAUTIFUL on the inside. I thought about buying Greek yogurt to eat with them but I ate them all before I could even get to the store ><

To eat them, I scooped the squishy flesh away from the skin with a spoon like a Kiwi.

I addition to figs, I'm loving all of the fall fruit that's getting cheaper in the supermarket now--Korean pears, persimmons, and apples are all super delish at the moment.

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