Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Funny Thing That Happened to Me at Work: Good Bad Girls

One of my lower level classes is filled with "bad girls," whom my co-teachers inform me are rather notorious, school-wide. They smoke cigarettes in the bathroom, skip class, are extremely loud, and wear massive amounts of eyeliner, caked on crayon-thick. (For reference, see this video that I linked to in an earlier post)

My co-teachers pick on them in class, but I find them rather hilarious because they are one of the few groups of students who are completely comfortable around me outside of class. We have the same "conversation" every time I see them:

Bad Girls: Hello, Teacher!
Me:Hi! How are you?
Bad girls(after the girls ask each other "What does 'How are you' mean?" the boldest of the pack speaks insanely fast): Iamfinethankyouandyou?
Me: I am great.
Two second pause.
Bad girls: Teacher, WE LOVE YOU!
Me (laughing): Thank you! I love you, too.
Bad girl #1 (looking at my tattoo on my wrist, pointing): Aw, teacher, TATTOO!
Me: I know!
Bad girl #1: Aw teacher, I want one too!
Me: Hahaha! Ok, see you soon!
Bad girls, together: See you!

And we go our separate ways.

I think to be really good at a second language, it takes more than just being super-book smart and having lists upon lists of vocabulary words memorized. You have to have a certain amount of self-confidence/a distinct lack of fear/embarrassment whilst making inevitable grammar errors when speaking, a la Alex in Jonathan Safran Foer's novel Everything is Illuminated:

The bad girls have no fear, and therefore do pretty well in my class.

I think maybe the good girls in my class--the ones who know all the vocabulary words, but are too scared to even look at me--could learn a bit from these "bad" ones^^

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