Monday, October 25, 2010

Asia Song Festival/LET'S GO LET'S GO LET'S GO

Last weekend, I went with my friends Leah, Diana, and Grace (Mijeong) to the Asia Song Festival/G20 concert, a huge concert with a big line up of super popular K-Pop stars + other Asian groups/singers from Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and China.

In case you've been living under a rock, Korea is preparing for the much-anticipated G20 Summit it will host in Seoul, starting November 10th. Apparently, the concert was supposed to increase...awareness? Or a massively anticipated meeting of heads of state? In any case, the concert was free (with a downloaded voucher), and tickets were very painless to obtain.

We waited around for a long time in our (nosebleed) seats before the concert started and took some goofy pictures:

OH MY GOD RAIN IS COMING ON (in three more hours)


This video played on repeat literally a dozen times in a row. "LET'S GO" later became the evening's drunken refrain at the hof bar:

Finally, the opening acts took the stage at around 6:30 or so.

Out of all of the Korean groups/singers I watched preform--Kara, 2AM, Beast, Rain, Boa, and 4 Minute were the "big" ones on the lineup--my favorite was this guy, 이승천. Grace informed me that he is something of a legend amongst Korean singer/songwriters--he was popular in the 80's before he became a big junkie (the first Korean junkie I've ever heard of), but is now back On Top, a la VH1's Behind the Music or whatever. This is footage from the actual concert:

Grace told me "In middle school, he was soooooo handsome. But now...get fat." A little harsh, no?

All of the other Korean acts were pretty lip-syncy and processed sounding. They were arguably better than these Japanese ladies, though, who preformed later in the show:

GAG. Apparently, there are 48 girls in this group, which allows them to split into legions A, K, and B...all 48 were definitely not in attendance. They spoke to the audience in very terrible Korean, which made me feel better about myself, i.e, my Korean is better than your average Japanese pop star's^^

We were required to sit down for the whole concert, which was a little annoying, as during all of the dance-y numbers all we were able to do was lamely pump our fists in the air. We subsequently ended up leaving a bit early to drink. But, it was a fun evening, and one of the last few ones I will have with Grace, who will leave for Australia in a few weeks T T


  1. Looks like fun! I didn't make it--opted to relax after my test.

  2. AKB48 have one music video that I like. You might like it too:

    There may be a commercial before the video.