Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some of the K-Pop I "Missed" Last Month in the US

I love this song because it reminds me of my friend Grace (Mijeong) who sings along to it all of the time whenever we are out. Also, now that I've seen the video I realize that four girls at my school did this exact same dance at the arts festival I watched during my first week. As you can imagine, all of the boys went crazy/there was lots of inappropriate wolf-whistling, ect.

This one is from beloved boy group SHINee, and is pretty much exactly what you might expect: rays of light/outfits involving mesh vests and metallic (or rather...SHINY) boots/expensive cars/a vaguely industrial setting

The worlds biggest boy band (in terms of actual membership, not popularity) made a "comeback" while I was gone with this song. There are ten people in SuperJunior. Ten--count them. If you are wondering "Is it even possible for every member of Super Junior be featured on a single three minute song?"--of course it is! For an average of 16 seconds each^^


  1. I like "Lucifer." Also I like that song "Madonna." You missed it but I sang "Bad Girl Good Girl" at the noraebang...kidding!

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