Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New stuff

I have a new:
  • Alien card. The picture is super ugly and I look like a boy--definitely not putting it on the blog
  • Multiple-entry visa. When I got my visa in New York, I neglected to mention at the consulate that I wanted a Multiple entry visa. Whoops! Fortunately, I was able to apply to change my visa's status when I registered as a foreign resident here. Now, I can exit and enter Korea freely, i.e., travel internationally^^
  • Gym membership! I LOVE my new gym. I am paying about 70,000 won a month to work out at an AMAZING gym with a rock climbing wall/sauna/treadmills with built-in TVs/superhot Korean trainer men/gorgeous views of Seoul from the seventh floor . In case anyone reading this lives near Konkuk Station, here's how to get to my new gym from Exit 1 (I highly recommend you join NOW):

  • I have an amazing new cell phone! Apparently according to my new co-teacher, Korean cell phone providers have recently (in June) eliminated a lot of the red tape involved in getting a cell phone contract as a foreigner, which is awesome as it took me only 20 minutes or so for me to sign up for one. I went to an "OZ" LG store (reputedly the cheapest) with two of my Korean co-workers, where I was able to get a one-year contract and a phone (WHICH I CAN WATCH TV ON HOLY COW) for 60,000 won up front. Every month, 11,000 won or so will be sucked from directly from my bank account, meaning no paper bills! It is great to have a phone and not have to deal with painstakingly arranging meetups with friends via the Internet

  • Rollerblades obtained vis Craigslist (don't worry 'rents, it came with a helmet/knee/elbow pads) so I can skate in the Han River Park near my house
  • Come Sunday, a bike, also obtained via Craigslist


  1. Maddie, your blogs are too funny! We just had to "join up" finally. SOunds like you are having a good time. Be careful out there (blades/bike. Love, Dad and Mom

  2. I have same phone.
    ( LG CYON icecream 2 )

    I bought it at the beginning of this year.
    Under 2 year contract..

    and I like electronic watch of front screen.