Saturday, September 11, 2010

Korean Culinary Carousal: Pizza School

As a single gal, during the weeknights it is especially hard for me to get motivated to cook dinner for myself after working all day long. This leads to some extremely healthy weeknight dinner choices, such as:
  • a large bowl of ice cream: dessert for dinner
  • pre-made sandwiches from the convenience store, usually of some dubious egg salad variety
  • cup ramen
  • cereal + milk
  • a can of tuna
  • peanut butter and crackers
Not to imply I don't like cooking: I am simply too wiped to make anything some nights.

Thankfully, there is another much less revolting weeknight dinner option to add to the list above: Pizza School! I can't believe I have been living in Korea for this long, and am just now blogging about Pizza School--it is one of the first things I had to eat when I got here, and I continue to get pizza to go from Pizza School about once every month or so.

"전문점" means "specialty shop". "피자스쿨" is"Pizza School," literally

There are lots of Korean pizza places/chains--Pizza Eating, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Mr. Pizza, and Papa John's are all options. However, Pizza School remains my go to because of its low, low price--5,000 won for a small pizza (about $4.25, at the moment). My favorite Pizza School Pizza: the 고구마 (go-goo-mah) or sweet potato pizza:

Korean sweet potatoes, sweet yellow sauce, and lots and lots of cheese. OOOOOHHHH YEAHHHH

Korean pizza is pretty similar to American pizza. The only real difference is that there is a tendency to add really weird shit to pizza here: corn/chicken wings/mayonnaise/pickles are all commonplace. Which I find delightful^^

The only really awful thing about Pizza School: it is incredibly terrible for you. Like, worse than American pizza--one Pizza School pizza has well over 2,100 calories (Korean restaurants post the caloric contents of EVERYTHING on their menus--a topic for another post). Meaning every slice of Pizza School pizza has 260 calories! YEOZAH.

The thing is, Pizza School pizza isn't that filling, and the pizza itself is not too much bigger than a "personal" size. I think back to the days when I first got to Korea, and would easily eat half of a Pizza School pizza (with beer) in one sitting. And I would have to stop myself from eating the other half! I've since learned to ration each pizza a little bit more/supplement it with veggies, ect. It is still delicious, and calories be damned, I'M STILL GONNNA EAT IT

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  1. pizza school is definitely in the top ten of my list of things i miss most about korea (don't worry, YOU are also up there). and sweet potato! mmmmmmashisaiyo!

    but what's with this half pizza business? definitely could do the whole thing in one sitting, c'monnnn