Thursday, September 2, 2010

Korean Culinary Carousal, Part IX

I just spent a glorious August in my home state of Colorado, eating world famous peaches from Pallisade, Colorado, every single day. Usually, I would eat three peaches a day (in between meals), prepared in this manner:
  1. Sliced into wedges
  2. Peeled (if wasn't feeling lazy)
  3. Tossed in a bowl with a bit of sugar/maybe cinnamon (if, again, I wasn't feeling lazy)
  4. Smothered with generous amounts of Reddi-Whip, The Best (if not the Most Environmentally Destructive in its aerosol container) Condiment Ever.
Pallisade peaches are perfect, texture/firmness wise--in between soft and firm; just enough so that you still have to chew. Frangrence-wise, they will fill up your car with glorious peach smell on your way home from the grocery store/farmer's market. Intoxicating. The outside skin is a beautiful pink/orange/red fade, and the inside is pure gold with reddish streaks. Natural art! They are delicious in jam, in pie--I even have a recipe for cold peach and red lentil soup that I wish I would have gotten the chance to make while I was home. I'm sure it would have been BOMB :__:

It was very difficult to come back to Korean peaches, because in the past, I had found they sucked. Last year, I found they had a weird, mealy texture when "ripe," and were sometimes hard to the point of resembling apples in terms of crispness. Memorably, last year in Korea I bought maybe half a dozen peaches, thinking I would leave them out on the counter to "ripen". Well, ten days later, my peaches were still as hard as rocks, and when I spilt them open, I found that they had rotted from the inside out. GROSS

I decided the other day to give Korean peaches another go, however. Going through peach withdrawal every September is always difficult, and a shitty Korean peach is still a peach, after all, I rationalized.

To my delight, however, the peaches I bought this time were pretty damn good. Witness:

Though admittedly a little firmer than I'm used to, texture-wise, this peach tasted great, smelled good, and had a pretty white-pink color on the inside. Not bad at all!

But still, not as good^^

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