Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just getting Typhoon-ed is all

(Photo via the AP)

This morning Typhoon Kompasu hit Seoul. The storm didn't seem that bad to me when I was getting ready to go out--and it wasn't even raining when I finally stepped outside. But the previously neat, clean lane I normally walk down to get to the subway was absolutely littered with pine cones, tree branches, and other debris. Far more disturbing, as I approached a more major intersection I noticed there was a huge tree that had fallen over onto some nearby power lines, looking ready to wreak electrical havoc at any second!

Apparently, the storm caused almost 10 billion won (8.3 million dollars) in damages all across Korea. Esh. Fortunately, everything is getting cleaned up pretty quickly as far as I can tell/the subway is open/school is definitely happening tomorrow...

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