Friday, August 27, 2010

What I Know Thus Far

Here is a map of my area:
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  • I have four different co-teachers. They all seem pretty nice and friendly. My main partner teacher is named Hanee, and her English is amazing. She studied in England and has lived in Michigan and Boston, and is currently working on getting her Master's degree--basically, she is extremely accomplished and impressive
  • The other teachers in the English department are also reasonably friendly--I talked to one of them today about Colorado Springs, where his family lives and where I am from. In between swapping stories about COS, CO's various tourist attractions--Seven Falls, Pikes Peak, ect.--he mentioned, "At night, there are soooooo many stars. But there is nothing to do at night in Colorado except drink beer at home. And look at the stars." Couldn't have said it better myself
  • My apartment is about the same size as last year. However, I am within walking distance of the subway and a huge mall with an E-Mart, a Lotte Department Store, a movie theater, and a bunch of other amenities
  • Yesterday there was a huge festival at my school--I got to watch students preform dance routines/various slo-jammy ballads, which was awesome. The highlight of the performance was a taekwando demonstration set to this song:

If this is any indication of things to come, I am very, very excited^^

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  1. yay! everything sounds so awesome! i'm excited for you and looking forward to madeline teacher adventures part deux. miss ya, buddy xo