Friday, July 9, 2010

STAYCATION: 63 Building

I had Thursday and Friday off this week.

Initially, I was planning on booking a whirlwind trip to Tokyo or Kyoto--but I am running lower on won than I would like to be, and am facing an expensive trip to New York to renew my E-2 visa in the very near future. So instead, I decided to hang around here--do a few things in Seoul/go to the gym/convalesce a bit/hang out with my friends from Uijeongbu in my last few weeks here/get away from screaming children for a bit.

I finally went to the iconic 63 Building in Seoul. Maybe you remember it from the SimCiy games that I personally was addicted to as a kid:

Yes, I am a dweeb

This is what it looks like in real life:

Guess how many stories tall it is? 63.

I was afforded some spectacular-ish views at the very top--despite the haze/pollution:

There is an art gallery at the top with lots of shiny, reflective surfaces:

There was also a lot of really great city-scape themed photos, mostly by Korean artists. My favorite was by Kim Mi Ru:


After wandering around at the top for maybe 30 minutes or so, I went down to aquarium located on the ground floor--which to my dismay was packed with hordes of screaming children on field trips. UGGGGGHHHHHH

This guy looks how I felt--EXASPERATED BY WAILING YOUTH

You can see its guts if you look closely enough

The aquarium was small but good, featuring Emperor penguins, sea lions, otters, and the biggest moray eel I've ever seen:

It was at least six feet long

Despite all of the chaos/the kiddies, I really, really liked the aquarium. I have always has a bizarre fascination with fish/aquariums--I used to want to be an ichthyologist when I was a kid, because I was crazy about sharks. I famously wrote a fan letter to Professor Eugene Clark--a fish scientist--after I read her autobiography when I was eight (yes, I was super cool, even back then). I still think fish are like living works of art, and being at any aquarium always blasts me back to the past, a bit.

a cool diversion--highly recommended in all aspects, despite the pricey admission.

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