Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Update: The Round of 16

South Korea drew with Nigeria on Thursday, earning them a place in the final sixteen of the World Cup. Next up, the 16th best team in the world, Uruguay, on Saturday.

In all likelihood, it will be South Korea's last match of the Cup--no team has scored a single goal against the super-strong Uruguayan defense yet. I'm going to go watch the match in Seoul on Saturday night, again! KOREA FIGHTING.


If South Korea wins, they will play either the US or Ghana--a match I currently feel no inner turmoil over, 'cause I'm all about GHANA! GO BLACK STARS! I'm rooting for Ghana because
a) they're the last African team in the 16
b) no one in America really cares that much about soccer, whereas in Ghana, they're nuts about it
so that's that.

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