Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup, finish-eed

So, in a dramatic game--in which Korea scored the first goal of the Cup against Uruguay--Korea was taken out of the World Cup pool on Saturday, losing to Uruguay 2-1. Though a lot of people here were disappointed, most everyone expected to be crushed, so it wasn't too terribly heartbreaking. I thought South Korea's offense was pretty decent against Uruguay's uber-strong defense--there were five or six moments when everyone at the packed bar I was at stood up, screaming, thinking a goal was imminent.

My friend Ed and I were driven inside to watch the game this time around. Though we had planned to go to City Hall and watch on the massive jumbo-trons outside, before we could even properly position ourselves amongst the hordes of people, monsoon-force rains started pouring down upon everyone. Yep, the rainy season has finally started here--meaning downpours that are so torrential, no umbrella can keep you completely dry.

We were able to catch a bit of pre-game cheerleading/antics before the rain

So to the bar we went--where we stayed until 3:30 AM to watch the America v. Ghana game.

Photo via the BBC

I am so pumped that Ghana won! The whole African continent was rooting for them, and they pulled it out against the American team. I was the only person at the bar rooting for Ghana, and was called all kinds of terrible names and hated upon unjustly by many of my fellow Americans. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT, 'cause when I opened my e-mail inbox the next day, I found an e-mail from my Ghanaian CIEE advisor--with the subject line "IT IS GHANA!!!!!"--urging me to "Bow to the King!!! Bow to the Champs!!! Bow to the Black Stars!!!" Fantastic :)

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