Sunday, June 20, 2010


This past weekend, I went to Korea's largest theme park--Everland. Everland is two hours away from Uijeongbu by bus--it's serious business/the Disneyworld of South Korea.

There were two pretty awesome roller coasters, lots of "cute" stuff, costumed dancers, water rides, European/American themed areas, a zoo, and lots of junk food everywhere.

That city on the ridge over there? FAKE

Photo via Breda. CUTE OVERLOAD. From left, me, Ed, Breda

Cute Overload, Part Deux (left, Breda, right, me)

Animated multi-cultural doll people are more terrifying than any roller coaster.
At least in Ed's opinion

Witness: water-ride with built-in, neck high splash guards to ensure you don't get too wet.
Indeed, no Korean I know would stand to walk around an amusement park all day, soaked to their underpants

Everland's zoo might have been the best thing about the whole park--first rate

We went on a "Safari" bus ride, where I got really, really close to this bear

Overall, probably not as epic as Busch Gardens or Six Flags back at home, but still a super-fun summertime thing to do...Everland also has a water park, which I'll need to hit up soon if it gets any hotter here

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