Friday, June 18, 2010

Korean Culinary Carousal, Part VIII

It's officially summertime in Korea. It is hot and humid and seems to smell like a combination of ramyeon noddles/sewage outside, 24/7. What to eat when it's so hot outside, the very idea of warm food makes your stomach turn over?

How 'bout this stuff:

Photo via Flckr Korea Images

물냉면, or mul nangmyeon, is one of my all-time favorite Korean foods. It's so simple: just iced beef stock (yes, there's usually little bits of ice floating around in your bowl), buckwheat noodles, spicy red pepper paste, half of a boiled egg, and a few slices of fresh radish/Korean pear/cucumber. You can add liquid-y wasabi mustard and vinegar to taste if you want--like Korean salt and pepper :)

Sometimes I order 비빔냉면 (bibimnangmyeon), which is just the noodles with the spicy paste (no stock). I also like 쫄면 (jolmyeon), which are thicker, chewy rice noodles, which are usually served with more vegetables added to the mix (cabbage, lettuce, and carrots). Perfect summertime meals!

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