Sunday, June 13, 2010

화이팅, 대한민국! FIGHTING KOREA 2010!

Unrelated note: sorry for not updating much lately. I have been really, really, really busy/stressed out. I am attempting to secure a public school position for another year of teaching in Korea/my life has become a flurry of paperwork.

I hope to know how precisely things are going to work out in the next two weeks or so.

BUT, on to something more interesting--FOOOOOOTTTTBAAAAAALLLLLLL.

If you're not aware, South Korea's soccer team is pretty awesome--the only team out of East Asia to qualify for the World Cup. In 2002, 대한민국 (dae-han-min-gook, or the Republic of Korea), actually made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup, and people reputedly went nuts.

I can only imagine the level insanity, because to me, people seem to be pretty out-of-control nuts for soccer right now.

Witness boy-band Super Junior:

And boy-band Big Bang, with gold-medalist/National Sweetheart turned pop star Kim "Queen" Yuna:

Last night, I went with my a few of my friends/the Meetup group I'm in to watch Korea's first World Cup game, versus Greece, on a huge screen near the City center. It was pouring down rain and everyone was forced to purchase cheap plastic ponchos, but it was STILL insanely crowded despite the terrible weather. Like, I couldn't even lift my hands to clap, the body-to-body contact was so oppressive.

Still, it was fun--even as a lukewarm sporting enthusiast, I find soccer highly watchable, and it was cool to be amongst all of the craziness. Both of the times Korea scored, it was like a bomb went off--people were jumping up and down/stepping on my feet/randomly hugging me. We endlessly chanted "대한민국," in several songs that stayed stuck in my head for hours afterwards. And Korea won! 화이팅(pronounced "fighting," this is Konglish for "Go!")!

Korea's next game is against Argentina on the 17th, and promises to be much more of a fight. I want Korea to win just so I can watch all of my students freak out.

Can I also say--the World Cup desperately makes me want to go to Cape Town. And this song was my ringtone on my phone over a year ago--and it's now the official song of the World Cup. MARRY ME, K'NAAN:

Wavin' Flag - the Peoples' Anthem

K'NAAN | MySpace Music Videos

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