Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacher's Day

Today is Teacher's Day in Korea. Naturally, I'm not in school as it's Saturday (HOORAY WEEKEND), but yesterday a bunch of my kids bought me a ton of awesome gifts. Behold:

From the left:
  1. "Flowers" that are actually made out of soap from Dennis the Menace (1st grade)
  2. A huge oak jewelry box from his classmate, Dave
  3. Several blocks of sweet 떡 (tteok--chewy rice cakes) from 4th grader Jenny
  4. A homemade flower pen from Leah (3rd grade)
Not pictured: a huge green tea-flavored cake from my student Mini (3rd grade). It was delicious.

I still can't really believe how nice all the stuff I got is! I guess I should have expected nice gifts, though, considering I work at a private school/teach kids with money/teach kids with the most dotting of Korean Moms...

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